Bamyan Youths and new Generation Peace Jirga



Bamyan Youths and new Generation Peace Jirga

Bamyan Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

The Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga of Bamyan province was held by the YCGP on September 15, 2020. The Jirga was attended by hundreds of young people from eight administrative units of this province.

The Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga of Bamyan consisted of three sections, which included the inauguration, the work of the working committees, the presentation of the working committees' decisions, and the presentation of the final resolution of the Jirga. At the start of the Jirga, Mr. Khalil Ahmad Matin the deputy director of the YCGP discussed about the role of youths in peace building and peace keeping and added: "There is now an exceptional opportunity in the peace process and the parties involved must seize this opportunity to end the fruitless war in Afghanistan,". Mohammad Sangar Amirzadah, Chairman of the YCGP, explained the activities and functions of the YCGP and stressed that the war in Afghanistan is has no longer a winner and no address can delete others. Mohammad Alam Fazel, Nazifa Heydari, Wahidah Samar, Amir Kowsari, Seyed Aziz Farahmand and Wahidullah Soheil each emphasized the importance of peace and the responsibilities of the youth. Following the children of Samar Nest of Bamyan performed the peace anthem and the second part of the program began.

Bamyan Province Youth and New Generation Peace Jirga resolution

The Youth and New Generation Peace Jirga of Bamyan was held on September 15, 2020 in Bamyan Province with presence of hundreds of the youths. The Jirga was launched by YCGP in which the representatives of the New Generation and Youth from eight administrative units of the province participated and expressed their demands and decisions from the Government of Afghanistan, the Islamic Movement of Taliban and the International Community, especially the United States of America as follow:


1.      We want declare of ceasefire between both sides of the conflict as soon as possible.

2.      We want preservation of the last two decades’ achievements, preservation of republic system, based on votes of the people, preservation and consideration of the fundamental rights of citizens in the constitution and religious moderate law, rights of minorities, deprived classes and women.

3.      We call for effective and meaningful participation of youths in the peace process.

4.      We call on the both sides of conflict to prioritize national interest and using the opportunity, put efforts to establish stable and dignified peace.

5.      We call on the both sides of conflict to consider the national interest of the country in the peace negotiations, do not seek victory on each other, and both sides show flexibility.

6.      We call on the Islamic Movement of Taliban, Government and politicians of Afghanistan to be honest about the peace process, act independently without any external pressure.

7.      We call on the neighboring countries and countries involved in the peace process of Afghanistan to prevent putting pressure and intervention and let Afghan people to decide about their own destiny.

8.      We want from our international partners to continue their cooperation with the people of Afghanistan to prevent appearing and growing of new terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

9.      We want form United State of America, our other international and regional partners to continue their assistance in various fields, especially military and security until peace negotiations get concluded, and do not leave Afghan People alone.

10.  We call on the youths and new generation of Afghanistan to do their best in establishing stable peace in the country and support and monitor the peace negotiation process.

11.  We want from Islamic Movement of Taliban and Government of Afghanistan to pay serious attention to the security of Kabul-Bamyan highway and prevent physical inspection and harassment of the civilians.

12.  We want from the central government to consider the principle of balanced development in allocating financial resources, and plan suitable solutions for youths’ employment, and prevent migration and other factors that escalate war and insecurity.

13.  We call on the both sides of conflict and International Community to pave the way for monitoring of peace process by national and impartial institutions, medias, civil society and human rights institutions in order to build trust and transparency.



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Bamyan - Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

September 15, 2020

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