Faryab Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga



Faryab Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

ۤFaryab Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

The Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga was held in Faryab province by the YCGP on January 14, 2021. The Jirga was convened with the participation of hundreds of young people from ten administrative units of the province.

The Jirga consisted of three sections, which included the inauguration, the work of the working committees, the presentation of the working committees' resolutions, and the presentation of a resolution. At the beginning Mr. Hamidullah Masroor the ledership member of YCGP and head of the Faryab Peace Jirga Conducting commission discussed about the role of youths in peace process.

Then, Professor Malahat Elmi welcomed the activities of the YCGP and conducting commission of the Jirga, and emphasized on the concerns of women in the peace process. Professor Khalid Adib, a member of the Jirga, spoke about the unity and mobilization of the Afghan people to establish peace and end the war.

In the second part of the program, the work of the working committees began and the members of the Jirga exchanged views on six issues. The opinions of the members of the Jirga unified and in the third part of the program were presented by the officials of each committee. Meanwhile, the secretaries of the ten committees drafted and presented the final resolution of the Youth and New Generation Peace Jirga of the province.

Faryab Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga resolution

Faryab Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga was held in Faryab province on January 14, 2021 with the presence of hundreds of youths from all administrative units of the province. This Jirga was conducted by Youth Contact Group for Peace in which participants expressed their demands and decisions to the government of Afghanistan, the Islamic Movement of Taliban and the International Community, especially United Stated of America as following:

1.      The Demands of Faryab Youths from the Afghan Government in the Peace Process:

·         Saying no to exclusivity and prejudices, establishing an inclusive team and involving youths, women and all sections of the society in the peace process.

·         Coherence and unity of politicians and national influencers and establishing of national unity.

·          Flexibility based on Islamic laws in the peace negotiation process.

·         Considering the national interests of the country.

·         Nationalizing of post-peace political structure.

2. The Demands of Faryab Youths from the Islamic Movement of Taliban in the Peace Process:

·         The ceasefire should be the basis of peace negotiations.

·         Respecting the last 20 years achievements of the people and Afghan Government.

·         Independency in negotiations and termination of cooperation with countries that want the continuation of war in Afghanistan.

·         Flexibility of both sides according to the Islam holy religion and country’s constitution.

3. The Demands of Faryab Youths from the International Community, the United States of America, Islamic Countries and Neighboring Countries in the Peace Process:

·         Supporting the peace process, preventing the interference of countries and respecting the principle of the country's territorial sovereignty.

·         Establishing a global and international consensus for the peace process.

·         Adherence to the commitments of the sides involved in the Afghan peace negotiations.

·         Supporting of the International Community, especially the US from the peace process and preserving the position of international observer.

·         Consensus of Islamic countries to support the peace process and declaration of a resolution by the Islamic Conference Organization in order to call the war illegitimate in Afghanistan.

·         Regional consensus at the level of neighboring countries to support the Afghan peace process.

4. Providing suggestions on circumstance of concluding the Intra-Afghan Negotiations and responsibilities of Faryab`s Youths:

·         We, the youths of Faryab are supporting the peace negotiations.

·         Respecting the national interests and achievements of the last 20 years.

·          Establishing a new and inclusive mechanism in which the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with the Taliban and also influential parties contribute and jointly have a transitional government structure.

·         The involved sides should carry on the negotiations on the basis of national interests and should be flexible.

5. Local Problems Caused by Armed Conflicts in Faryab Province:

·         Displacement of Faryab people from districts to cities due to ongoing war.

·         Destruction of public infrastructure, lack of access to health and educational services, and backwardness of development programs.

·         Insecure highways and permanent power outage in Faryab province.

6. Opinions and suggestions on circumstance of monitoring the peace process at the local and national level and responsibilities of Faryab’s Youths:

·         Accelerating the peace process by the government of Afghanistan and Taliban.

·         Publicizing the agenda of the peace negotiations.

·         Management of negotiations by the inclusive address (the High Council for National Reconciliation).

·         Establishment of an inclusive committee from all layers of the community to monitor the peace negotiation process.

·         Decisive monitoring of peace process by international partners and International Community.


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Faryab Province -Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

January 14, 2021

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