Kandahar Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga



Kandahar Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

ۤKandahar Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

The Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga of Kandahar Province was held on February 10, 2021 with the presence of hundreds of young people who participated from all administrative units of the province. The Jirga was organized by the youths of Kandahar in cooperation of YCGP in three parts; the inauguration, the work of the committees, the presentation of the decision of the working committees and the presentation of the resolution.

At the beginning, Assadullah Hakimi, a leading member of the Jirga`s conducting Commission, spoke about the unity and coordination of the youths in the peace process.

Then, Mohammad Sangar Amirzadeh, Chairman of the YCGP, while appreciating the efforts of the youths of Kandahar province to hold this Jirga, spoke that differences should be put aside in peace talks and a political solution should be made instead of insisting on leaving the government. He added that neither side could eliminate the other, so the only way out of the current crisis is political agreement and the conclusion of peace talks. Khalil Ahmad Matin, deputy head of the YCGP, discussed the cohesion and integration of the youths and the expansion of intra-Afghan talks.

Hafizullah Popal, Nisar Ahmad Azad, Basmiyah Hasankhel, Maqhsoud Ahmad Zamir, Gol Ahmad Rigwal, Dr. Rahmatullah Mohammadi, Razia Heydari and Habib Shah Asrar Pacha spoke regarding the end of the war, damage caused by war in Kandahar, starting of IAN without any delays, and ensuring lasting peace in the country.

In the second part of the program, the work of the working committees began and the members of the Jirga exchanged views on six issues. The opinions of the members of the Jirga unified and in the third part of the program were presented by the officials of each committee. Meanwhile, the secretaries of the ten committees drafted and presented the final resolution of the Youth and New Generation Peace Jirga of the Province.

Kandahar Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga resolution

Afghans have lost their all values over the past four decades due to civil war. They have no tangible independence; a large part of their population lives below the poverty line and do not have standard life as other nations. The only reason is the intervention of foreign countries and the continuation of chaos for the purpose of protecting the interests of neighboring countries which indirectly occupied and exploited by internal catalysts that we, as an independent nation, spend day and night in the illusion of death. Afghans, especially the youths of Kandahar, are tired of this dominant situation and do not want the continuation of this condition.

Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga of Kandahar was held by the youths of the province in cooperation with YCGP on February 10, 2021. In this Jirga, representatives of various institutions and civic activists from the center and districts of the province, university professors, journalists, students and youths including men and women were participated.

The ten working committees of the Jirga discussed and exchanged views on the assigned issues and they jointly unit and approved their views, suggestions and demands on peace process in the form of the Jirga Resolution in 11 articles as following:


1.      Since the US is not directly involved in the Afghan Peace Process now, ceasefire is the only demand of Kandahar youths from the GIRoA and the Taliban to accept it as soon as possible. Instead of war, use the policy of dialogue to stop the killing of Afghans and make lasting peace.

2.      As the Afghan peace process has become an international crisis, it is necessary that all Muslim countries should be directly involved in the Afghan peace process. These countries, establishing a joint commission, beside considering the Afghanistan’s war illegal, should cooperate seriously in the Afghan peace process.

3.      We call on both sides of the peace talks to not lose the rights of the youths, and we call on comprehensive presence of Kandahar youths on the peace process.  

4.      We call for coordination between high-ranking political and government officials and the Taliban. The national values ​​must be jointly defined, determined and maintained. At the same time, the last two decades achievements should be preserved.

5.      We, the youths of Kandahar, do not want our rights to be compromised in the peace process. Both sides of peace talks have to clarify Afghanistan peace process, reveal hidden ambiguities and secrets for Afghans, allow international, national, and local media, and supervisory institutions to give comprehensive awareness to Afghans on the peace process.

6.      All the hidden and clear covenants in the peace process must be exposed to the people of Afghanistan. Afghans as a free and independent nation have the rights to amend, accept or reject all fundamental treaties.

7.      Peace process should be running by scientific, academic, religious, political, competent and acceptable people at the national and local level which they prefer national interests then personal interests.

8.      We urge the GIRoA and the Taliban that for the purpose of bringing reforms in the structure, focus on legal competencies instead of destroying the system. Efforts should be put to amend the constitution and other laws in the light of principles and texts of Islam. The destruction of national and public infrastructure should be prevented. The Taliban as a party engaged in the peace process, should clarify its foreign policy that their strategy of post-peace process should be cleared to the people of Afghanistan.

9.      The International Community must seek the assurances of the parties involved in the peace talks to bring peace to the country. They put pressures on countries which they supply weapons and equipment for war in Afghanistan, to stop their financial and equipment supplying for armed oppositions.

10.  The Islamic Countries Organization should play a direct role in the peace process in Afghanistan, and force other countries to conclude the Afghan peace process in favor of the Afghans. If the countries do not do this, we, the youths of Kandahar call on the people of these countries to work with us to resolve the Afghan peace crisis.

11.  We call on the both sides of the negotiations to refrain from complex and sentimental politics and show forgiveness and flexibility in the process. The Afghan people, especially the people of the Great Kandahar should be involved in the peace process. Kandahar is a good place for Intra – Afghan Negotiations, the youths and people of Kandahar are ready for hosting peace talks in this province.




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Kandahar - Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

February 10, 2021

Kandahar - Afghanistan

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