Nimroz Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga



Nimroz Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

Nimruz Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

The Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga was held in Nimruz province on December 12, 2020 with the presence of hundreds of young people. The Jirga was organized by the YCGP, which was attended by representatives of the new generation and youth from six administrative units of the province.

The Youth and New Generation Peace Jirga of Nimruz consisted of three parts, which included the inauguration, the work of the working committees, the presentation of the decision of the working committees and the presentation of the final resolution.

In the first part of the Jirga Engineer Torialai Helmand, the leadership member of the YCGP and the in charge of holding commission of the Nimruz peace Jirga provided information about the activities of the YCGP and spoke about the unity and solidarity of the youths and ethnic groups of Afghanistan.

Then Mohammad Ishaq Shahbaz, Naqibullah Azimi, Nizamuddin Shams, Omid Baluch, Golzadah Haghdoost, Massoud Akrami, Shahabuddin Teymouri and Mohammad Hewad Mohammadi emphasized an immediate ceasefire, engagement of the youths in national processes, flexibility of the parties to the peace talks.

In the second part of the program, the work of the working committees began and the members of the Jirga exchanged views on six issues. The opinions of the members of the Jirga unified and in the third part of the program were presented by the officials of each committee. Meanwhile, the secretaries of the ten committees drafted and presented the final resolution of the Youth and New Generation Peace Jirga of Nimruz Province.

Nimruz Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga resolution

Nimruz Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga was held in the capital of Nimruz on December 11, 2020 with the presence of hundreds of youths from 6 administrative units of this province.
This Jirga was set up by YCGP which the members of the Jirga expressed their demands and decisions to the Government of Afghanistan, the Islamic Movement of Taliban and the International Community, as following:


Nimruz Youths Demands from Afghan Government in Peace Process:


1.      Using the art of diplomacy.

2.      Engaging women and youths in the peace process.

3.      Preserving the achievements of the country.

4.      Considering women's rights.

5.      Creating equal opportunities for all minorities and layers of the society.

6.      Lasting and permanent peace, not based on slogans.


Nimruz Youths Demands from the Taliban Movement in peace process.


1.      Permanent ceasefire.

2.      The Taliban’s commitment to the decisions and promises of the peace talks.

3.      Preservation of women's rights.

4.      Preservation of the Afghan people’s few years achievements.

5.      The Islamic Emirate should not be returned, because the people of Afghanistan have gone through this experience.


Nimruz Youths Demands from the International Community; the US, Islamic Countries and Neighboring Countries in the peace process:


1.      Serious cooperation of the International Community and the UN in the Afghan peace process.

2.      Integrity of neighboring countries, the region and the world in the peace process.

3.      Putting pressure on the involved parties in the negotiations (the government and the Taliban) to shorten the interventionist’s hands in Afghanistan’s peace process

4.      Condemnation of several years of burning wars in Afghanistan by Islamic countries.


Suggestions on circumstance of concluding the Intra-Afghan talks and the responsibility of the Nimruz Province Youths:


1.      Engaging of impartial and educated youths in the peace process.

2.      Creating national, regional and global consensus.

3.      Islamic Sharia should be the main base for peace negotiations.

4.      Flexibility of the negotiating parties (the government and the Taliban) in the peace process.


Local problems caused by armed conflicts in Nimruz province:


1.      Fleeing of talented figures from Nimruz province.

2.      Human and refugees trafficking this province due to armed wars.

3.      Loss of security.

4.      Lack of balanced development.

5.      Increasing of crimes in Nimruz province.


Ideas and suggestions on the circumstance of monitoring the peace process at the local and national level, and the responsibility of Nimruz Province Youths:


1.      Involving influential people, youths and women in political engagement to improve the peace negotiation process.

2.      Establishment of committees and regular meetings at the provincial and national levels on peace negotiations.

3.      Durable monitoring of the peace process by the UN and the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

4.      Inviting people to peace and goodwill, and publishing and disseminating issues related to peace-loving.

5.      Monitoring the peace process should be impartial, and the interventionist groups should not misuse the process.

6.      The presence of the new generation, youths, media and civil society for the purpose of increasing transparency in of the peace process monitoring.


Best Regards


Nimruz - Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

December 11, 2020

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