Paktika Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga



Paktika Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

Paktika Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga

Paktika Province Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga was held on March 28, 2021 by the youths of Paktika Province in cooperation with the YCGP, hundreds of young people from all administrative units of the province participated.

The Jirga was held in three parts; the first part included the inauguration, the second part the work of the ten committees, and the third part the presentation of the opinions of the committees and the final resolution of Paktika Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga.

Seyed Jamaluddin Asefkhel, a member of the leadership of the YCGP, called the current war in the country a foreign war and said that the war should end as soon as possible.

Ismayel Nusrat says that the participation of young people in the peace talks is very less and unacceptable to those who have always been victims of war.

Dr. Nazifa says that the victims of the war are women and children, and that the number of victims is increasing day by day.

On the other hand, Mohammad Hanif says that the war has caused the destruction of all social values ​​in the country and this war, along with the loss of life, has also dealt a great economic blow to the country and society.

Hamdullah Hamatyar called the current war in the country in favor of foreign countries and said that this war is for the national interests of the countries in the region and should not be continued.

The YCGP has traveled to many provinces and is working to bring the demands and suggestions of the youth to the Afghan Government, the Islamic Movement of Taliban and the International Community in the peace process.

In the second part of the program, the work of the committees began and the members of the Jirga exchanged views on six issues. The opinions of the members of the Jirga unified and in the third part of the program were presented by the officials of each committee. Meanwhile, the secretaries of the ten committees drafted and presented the final resolution of the New Generation Peace Jirga of the province.

Paktika Youths and New Generation Peace Jirga resolution

The fact that there has been an external war in the country for forty years, the Afghans has sacrificed. This war damaged the structures and even completely destroyed the economy, health, social affairs, culture and all other sectors.

The great world powers have historically misused this situation in the country and pursued their sinister goals, and we have been sacrificed. Peace talks are taking place now and the opportunity for peace has been created. Therefore, hundreds of youths, including the men and women of Paktika province gathered and launched peace Jirga with the cooperation of YCGP on Sunday March 28, 2021, expressing their demands in the following 8 articles resolution:


1.      We call on all parties involved in peace talks to ensure decisive, urgent, national and long-term ceasefire in order to facilitate peace talks.

2.      The Intra-Afghan talks should be started soon between factions involved, in an impartial country, without the influence of international factions under the supervision of the International Community, the UN and the Organization of Islamic Countries.

3.      Creating an Islamic and national system in the country which is not affiliated with any factions. The Islamic, national, cultural, political and other values ​​should be observed, the previous achievements of the country should be preserved, and the will of the Afghan people should be prioritized.

4.      We call on the parties involved to conduct the peace talks as honestly and truthfully as possible. Considering the undeveloped country, devastated and poor people, running the peace process without the influence and pressure of foreigners, by considering Islamic values ​​and national interests and without wasting the time. Involved sides should accept each other, should have mutual respect, prefer national interests to personal interest, and show flexibility.

5.      The US and the International Community have started a twenty-year war in our country and now are trying to put an end to it and ensure a lasting peace. Therefore, the war must end in a complementary and responsibly manner and ensure a lasting peace. Considering our history, they should not ensure us an incomplete peace.  The US with the International Community, the UN, the Organization of Islamic Countries and neighboring countries have to monitor and make sincere efforts for peace in Afghanistan, and resolve the Afghan crisis, and maintain its financial resources for the future development of Afghanistan.

6.      The achievements of the past years, especially the protection of civil rights, women's rights, the right to freedom of expression and a number of other rights must be taken seriously and preserved in the peace talks.

7.      In addition to all political addresses, religious scholars, elders and ethnic influential figures across the country, the active presence of youths and women should be considered seriously in peace talks.

8.      The youths of Paktika consider the current opportunity for peace as a golden and historical opportunity and urge that the opportunity should be used to end the miserable war of the past decades.  The one or faction which ignores this opportunity, will be responsible to the people, future generations and the history of the country.



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Paktika - Youth and New Generation Peace Jirga

March 28, 2021

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