Afghanistan’s Youth National Conference

This conference was held for two days (June 18 and 19, 2011) in Kabul for the purpose of putting efforts in consolidating stability, participating in decision-making and discussing important national and international issues of the country, with the presence of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s Ex- President; Hamid Karzai, Prominent Scholars, some of the Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and participation of more than five hundred youths from 34 provinces of the country in Salam Khana Presidential Palace and Uranos Hotel. 

Afghanistan Youths National Conference


June 23, 2011

The Afghanistan Youths National Conference was held for two days (June 18 and 19, 2011) in Kabul for the purpose of putting efforts in consolidating stability, participating in decision-making and discussing important national and international issues of the country, with the presence of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s President; Hamid Karzai and participation of more than five hundred youths from the 34 provinces of the country.

In this conference, the achievements, approaches and responsibilities of the youths’ institutes, challenges and obstacles against the youths, have been discussed. Descriptive and explanatory discussions were focused on the circumstance of receiving ways to consolidating stability, ensuring justice, the peace process, strategic agreement with America, ensuring the rights of youths, good governance, rule of law, the principle of transparency and accountability, balanced development, fighting against drugs, quality education, creating employment opportunities for youths, clarifying the process of the Administrative Reforms Commission, understanding the responsibilities of youths and directing youths in decision-makings.

We, the Youth participants in this conference are determined to propose the following through the tenth committees of Education and Higher Education, Economic affairs, Compromise with Opponents, Civil Victims, Religious, Cultural and Media affairs, Sports and Health, Environment, Labor and Social affairs, fighting against drugs and process of power transformation, to the nation and government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the International Community:

In order to develop Education and Higher education, serious attention should be paid to the budget increasing of these institutions. Because Education and Higher Education are the infrastructure of the country. At the same time, in order to build the quality and effectiveness of both educational institutes in line with national stability and strengthening the foundations of the government, we call for more coordination between the Ministries of Education, Higher Education, Labor and Social Affairs.

We call on the government for preparation and compilation of educational materials for students and undergraduates according to the needs, conditions of the time, recruitment of professional, committed and non-political people in educational institutes, implementation of the unite educational curriculum in all over of the country, especially in private schools, serious monitoring of private schools and higher education institutes from the quality, fees and qualified education perspectives, adapting the reform process in the academic environment (universities) and enrichment of teaching materials of public and private higher education institutions, fairly distribution of scholarships, and creating master's and PHD courses in universities, especially Kabul University.

Serious support for the balanced development of education throughout the country. In addition, providing privileges and facilities to the experienced teachers to do the holy duty of teaching in the provinces and remote areas of the country, and the establishment of religious centers in the capital and provinces of the country are the other important issues.

As the youths are not satisfied with the performance of the Youths Affairs Deputy (Ministry of cultural affairs), therefore, we want the dissolve of this office as soon as possible. We call for the formation of an independent department for youth affairs, and we want a young figure to be hired at the head of it.

In order to prevent addiction, incretion of the opponents and dozens of other disasters, urgent attention should be paid to the employment of youths, and the incorrect work experience that is requested from new university graduates should be canceled.

The government should take serious actions in proper management and reasonable use of natural resources, creating water turnstiles for agriculture and power production, controlling of wandering waters, encouraging private investors to extract mines by establishing a proper monitoring mechanism and preventing the illegal export of raw materials to abroad.

Since Afghanistan is an agricultural country, therefore, the government should prioritize the mechanization of the agriculture and livestock sector, strengthening and encouraging agricultural cooperatives, activating silos, creating green houses, promoting livestock poultry and beekeeping farms, strengthening research farms as much as possible, providing health services for livestock farmers, strengthening and improving the quality of agricultural production and marketing process. At the same time, great efforts should be made so that the future Afghanistan should not be dependent to the foreign aid and should be self-sufficient.

Contracting and making agreements with the interested countries to establish joint companies regarding heavy industries, removing custom tariffs from the supply of raw materials, growing of handicrafts and the reduction of taxes on them, and creation of a market for them inside and outside of the country, the construction of warehouses at the borders, serious prevention for the entry of haram products and goods that their substitutes are produced in the country, creating a precise and active mechanism for loan payment, imposing a huge tax on luxury goods, creating social insurance to provide public welfare are our other emphasis. In order to grow the economy, we call for solution of transit problems, connecting Afghanistan to the world through Asia with railways, and the extension of its ring roads to the borders. And finally, we call for replacement of the mixed economic market with the free economic market.

The ten-year achievements of the Afghan government should not be vulnerable in the peace process. The youth generation should have an active presence in all the movements that work for peace process, and the National Police should be strengthened instead of local police (Arbaki). Effective figures should be replaced in peace councils and movements, and all ethnic groups should participate in this type of activities. Peace must start from the most vulnerable places and its executive part must not be symbolic. To ensure peace and stability, Mullah in the mosque, journalist in the media, teacher in the school and professor in the university should fulfill their national role and duty and strengthen the peace process. In this regard, the government is obliged to create the necessary coordination.

Internal and external agents and the intelligence of the region (neighboring countries) are involved in civilian victims. Therefore, the perpetrators should be investigated according to national and international laws. Identifying the internal effective factors in civilian victims and independence of the military and intelligence forces is one of our other demands. Recently, foreigners and their slaves have fueled ethnic discord among our nation, they hurt the national unity and weaken the government and the nation with the chain terror of the national elements. Therefore, we call on the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government to recognize, follow and prosecute them seriously.

We condemn the use of nuclear (chemical) weapons seriously and we ask the attention of the Government, the International Community and the United Nations in this issue.
The lack of coordination between the internal and external military forces, the interference of personal goals and enmities of the whistleblowers, the presence of mentally ill soldiers in the foreign military forces, and using the residential places by the oppositions, play role in killing of civilians. Therefore, on perpetrators of mass killings and civilians, internal laws and conventions must be enforced, and we also call on the oppositions to not use residential places during the war.

Indigenous customs should be revised, national identity and freedom of speech should be defined. The entry and promotion of foreign cultures, films, series and dramas which is un-Islamic and unethical should be prevented, instead of them, Afghan films and series should be strengthened and replaced. Also, a commission with the authority to supervise the media and the National Cinema Academy for the purpose of improving the quality and quantity of Afghan cinema should be established, and the safety of journalists should be guaranteed. Expertizing of issue in the media, instead of negativity, should be criticized and corrective policy should be presented.

Incretion in the Olympic budget; establishment of suitable places for federations and clubs, material and spiritual encouragement and sending athletes and coaches abroad for capacity building, increasing of sports departments formation in the capital and provinces, increasing the evening refreshment and regulating the quarantine period of athletes according to international standards, finally, establishing of a special sports school and the reactivation of the physical training institute are among the demands of the youth in the sports sector.

Application of justice in health services, training of health personnel, serious care of clinics and pharmacies, application of specialization programs based on merit, application of preventive programs before treatment, applying the required vaccines in overall base without considering the class bias, providing clean water, qualifying of health services, paying serious attention to hospitals for epidemic patients and providing better facilities for doctors who serve in remote areas. These issues should be given serious consideration.

Generally, we agree with the process of power transfer conditioned with the equipment of armed forces, creation of necessary coordination between the armed forces, implementation of a specific policy against the country's enemies, supporting and follow-up system of rewards and punishments, preventing the interventions of neighboring countries through effective diplomacy, making maximum use of the opportunity of power transfer for capacity building of armed forces, putting efforts to establish a superior power at the country level, gaining the continuous trust of international community and finally, national security should be improved with keeping in mind the conditions of the 21st century and the period of military service for youth should be revived.

The existence of parallel departments has made the fight against narcotics difficult, for effective coordination, the Ministry of Antinarcotics should be dissolved, instead of that the directorate of antinarcotics should be established in the framework of National Security Council Head to get better success in destroying poppy with better coordination.

Although clinics have been built for drug addicts but they cannot provide better service. The solution is to establish eight complexes in the central parts of the country that would be reachable from nearby provinces. These complexes should include well-equipped hospitals, specific sports facilities, and vocational training centers in different departments that after the treatment, they should engage in healthy activities in the society, because an important cause of addiction is youth’s unemployment.

Public awareness from harms of drugs is one of the major responsibilities for governmental and non-governmental organizations. In order to prevent drug smuggling and trafficking, more pressure and attention should be given to the consuming and bordering countries of Afghanistan. Equipping of antinarcotics police and the frequent change of the borders police is another important matter in the field.

Turning attention to enlightening the public mind through various channels to promote the culture of caring for the environment, paying attention to reduce noise and air pollution, immediate establishment of the second and third units of Norm and Standard departments at the borders for the purpose of preventing the entry of low-quality materials, consumer goods and petroleum, development of green areas to filter polluted air in urban areas, controlling and technical checking of smoky engines and stopping of smoky vehicles, and worming out machinery should be given serious attention in the environment department.

We, the youths support convenes of the Traditional National Loya Jirga and we want the participation of the youths in the Traditional Loya Jirga and second Bonn Jirga.

Best Regards

The Representatives of Afghanistan’s Youths Active Civil Institutions

Kabul – Afghanistan

June 23, 2011