Afghanistan’s Youth Peace National Jirga

This Jirga was held in Kabul for four days (2 to 5 of July 2012) with the participation of at least 1700 youths from all province of the country in Loya Jirga Hall and Salam Khana Presidential Palace. This Jirga was ended with a historic statement of Hamid Karzia; President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Mohammad Sangar Amirzada; elected Director of the Jirga and issuance of a 31-article resolution. 

Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga


In the name of Almighty Allah

Youth Peace National Jirga



July 5, 2012 – Kabul

The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga was held in Kabul for three days (2, 3 and 5 of July 2012) with the participation of at least 1700 youths and 400 guests from different parts of the country for the purpose of putting efforts to integrate stability, bring sustainable peace and participate in decision-makings, and discussions on important national and international issues of the country. 

The Members of Youth Peace National Jirga discussed critical and major challenges of the country including negotiation process with armed opposition of the government, circumstance of permanent military presence of the US in Afghanistan, fighting against administrative corruption, unemployment and educational problems in schools and universities of the country.

The Afghanistan’s Youth Peace National Jirga which is considered to be one of the most valuable efforts in the history of the country, discussed vital and central issues with the patriotic participation of youths through 20 working committees, and proposed effective and comprehensive solutions to achieve the real wishes of the Afghan nation, particularly the youths of this land, and declared it in the form of this resolution.

Chapter One


Since peace is considered one of the main desires of the nation and the government of Afghanistan, the Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga suggests the following solutions to the government officials and the international community for the purpose of consolidating lasting peace and stability in the country:


Article 1: Peace is an Islamic order, reasonable conditions and terms of the parties involved in the peace issue should be taken into account.

1- Effective, national and acceptable people of parties involved in Peace issue should be given role in the reconciliation process.

2- The reconciliation process should be transformed from its project form into a practical program.

3- The relative proportionate role of youths in the peace program should be seriously taken into account.

Article 2: The government of Afghanistan must give a proportionate share to all the ethnic groups of Afghanistan in implementation of reconciliation process.

Article 3: The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga calls on the government and Afghan opponents of peace to prevent foreign interference in the reconciliation process and to make this process intra-Afghan.

Article 4: Programs that so far have been undertaken by the Afghan government to ensure peace in the country are mostly for the temporary weakening of the war, not for the consolidation of lasting peace in the country, so the reconciliation process should be established with a suitable mechanism and performance.

Article 5: The Afghanistan Youths Peace National Jirga calls on the international community to put honest efforts to strengthen, equip and train the Afghan security forces.

Article 6: Considering the agreement regarding the handing over of night raids by foreign forces to Afghan forces, these foreign forces still have not stopped night raids, which caused dissatisfaction of public from Afghan Government and the International Forces. The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga calls on the Afghan government to stop the night attacks by foreign forces so does not cause dissatisfaction of people and incretion of the oppositions.


Article 7: The Afghanistan Government should prevent youths from joining to the armed opposition by creating employment opportunities for them.

Article 8: National and International guarantees must be taken place to consolidate lasting peace in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign forces.

Article 9: The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga calls on the Conference of Islamic Countries to make all-round religious and fraternal efforts and cooperation in order to bring peace in Afghanistan. And in case the country's security is endangered, the Afghan government should request military cooperation from neutral Islamic countries.

Article 10: The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga supports any movement that leads to peace in the country, in the meantime, it calls on the US government as the biggest ally of Afghanistan to act honestly for ensuring stability in Afghanistan.



Chapter Two


Article 11: The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga declares its complete opposition to the permanent US military presence in the country, but supports the decisions of the Afghan government and people regarding the short-term US military presence in the country.

Article 12: If a short-term security agreement is concluded between Afghanistan and America, the political independency, national sovereignty, religious and Islamic values ​​of Afghan people should be respected and preserved.

Article 13: The US government should give a strong commitment and guarantee to the government and people of Afghanistan to not carry out any kind of military attacks by using Afghanistan's land and air space against the countries of the region. But fight against terrorism by maintaining and respecting international principles and the agreement of the Afghan government.

Article 14: The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga calls on the Afghanistan and US governments establish US military bases far from civilian areas when entering into a short-term security agreement, to prevent arbitrary wandering of American Army Personnel.

Article 15: America, as the biggest strategic ally of the Afghan government, must help solving the problems of Afghanistan's border lines with neighboring countries, especially the Durand Line and the Hirmand Water problem with Pakistan and Iran.

Article 16: If foreign military forces personnel in Afghanistan commit a crime, they must be trailed and punished according to international laws and principles and the applicable laws of Afghanistan.



Chapter Three

Fight Against Corruption


Corruption as a big problem for the people and the government of Afghanistan, has prevented many basic and fundamental developments in the country in the last ten years. However, the Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga calls on the Afghan government and the international community to consider the following in regard to eliminating corruption, especially administration corruption:

Article 17: The rule of law against relations and assigning employees based on the principle of meritocracy.

Article 18: Trial and punishment of criminals and perpetrators of corruption and applying the law equally to all.

Article 19: Serious fight against mafia groups in the government’s structure and increasing the governmental benefits and allowances.

Article 20: Strict monitoring and control mechanisms should be in place to handle consumption of foreign aid, normal and development budget by the government.

Article 21: Reforms in government departments from top to bottom, not in reverse way.

Article 22: Abolition of parallel administration departments from the structure of the Afghan government.

Article 23: Avoiding assignment of people having two nationalities in important governmental positions.




Chapter Four

Youths’ Unemployment Problems


Our youths who make up a majority of the population of this country, have faced many problems and obstacles which one of these challenges is the lack of employment creation and job opportunities during the past ten years. Considering the Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga views, the following points would be effective in unemployment rate cut.


Article 24: The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga believes that our country is not ready to accept free market economic system, so it asks the Afghan government to convert it into a mixed market economic system.

Article 25: Ensuring security, financial immunity and lives of national and international businessmen have a dominant effect for more investments, and that is more effective in reducing unemployment and taking down the current figures.

Article 26: Extraction of natural resources, mechanization of agriculture, establishment of economic infrastructure and agreements to send young workers abroad will lead to poverty alleviation and unemployment reduction.

Article 27: The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga calls on the government to pay serious attention in implementation of the rule of law on civil service employees and observe the following points:


Eliminating the conditions of having work experience to employ young people in government organizations.

Full and timely implementation of the principle of retirement and preventing the re-employment of pensioners with different name.







Chapter Five

Educational Problems of Youths


The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga, while examining educational problems in the country, proposes following points as solutions.


Article 28: Expansion of public universities and establishment of private centers and upgrading teacher training compasses (Darul Malemin) to universities.

Article 29: Strict monitoring of Higher Education Institutions and Private Schools, and reduction educational fees.


Article 30: The members of the Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga want more educational opportunities be provided to Afghan immigrants and establishment of extensive academic relations between internal and foreign universities.

Article 31: Necessary and standard reforms should be made in the educational curriculum of schools and academic curricula of universities, and qualified people from higher scientific institutions should be replaced instead of professors with bachelor's degrees.


And lastly,  

Afghanistan’s Youths have come together with the spirit of national unity and creating mobility in order to achieve the highest national goals of the country to show that they are not oblivious to the important national issues of their land and they are trying to solve these problems.


We, the Youths, who have gathered in the great historical summit of the Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga, giving commitment to support any movement that leads to sustainable peace in the country, and we will not allow any of our national interests to be used for the benefit of a person, team or party. Once again, we ask and pray Almighty Allah give honesty in actions, fraternity, and friendly environment among the proud nation of Afghanistan. And from here, we emphasize the continuation of our nationalistic activities in pursuit of the articles of this resolution and an alternative strategy to achieve peace after 2014 if the reconciliation programs fail.

Best Regards


The Afghanistan Youth Peace National Jirga

Loya Jirga Hall Kabul - Afghanistan

July 5, 2012