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Contact Group for Peace

The Contact Group for Peace as a national movement for peace, against war and armed conflicts, independent and not affiliated with political individuals or groups, consisting of the new generation and youth activists, established on August 22, 2019. for the purpose of creating and strengthening the inclusive address of the new generation and youths, advocacy for ensuring lasting peace and stability in the country, creating peaceful atmosphere and making effort for national reconciliation, agreement through dialogue and political solutions, strengthening the position and political – nonviolent solutions, strengthening the position and political engagement of women, referring to the votes and demands of the people, maintaining the democratic process and gaining political power through election, and supporting the constitution law in which the rights of all citizens are preserved.

According to the leadership of the Contact Group and the New Generation and Youths Peace Jirga; in the last two decades, there have been four political axes in Afghanistan; 1 Jihadi Leaders and Parties 2 The Islamic Movement of Taliban 3 Technocrats who have been in power and 4 The Youths and New Generation of Afghanistan. Among them, the first three axes have had active presence in all political and military decisions of Afghanistan. But the fourth axes; the Youths and New Generation of Afghanistan, in addition to believe in Islamic and national values, want the presence of all ethnic groups, women and youths in major political decisions and national engagement, have not had an active role yet, have not been involved in decisions, and have always been the victim of the first three axes’ decisions.

According to the leadership of the Contact Group, "There is no military solution to the Afghanistan crisis, however, the meaningful presence of all people and factions of society in the country’s political power and stability can be ensured through dialogue and political agreements." The contact group for peace continues it activities and efforts to achieve its objectives and bring lasting peace and stability in the country with the slogan of “Together for Afghanistan”.

The Contact Group were previously operating under the name of "Youth Contact Group for Peace"; Based on consultation and decision of the leadership and colleagues of the Contact Group and Youth and New Generation Peace Jirga, after the political and military transformation of August 15, 2021 was shortened to "Contact Group for Peace".

Circumstance of Activities

1.    Dialogue and convening sessions/meetings with leadership of Islamic Emirate/Talban Side, prominent political figures, movements and sides, scholars, elders, women, civil activists and institutions, new generation and youths.

2.    Holding Jirgas, Conferences, and Summits with new generation and youths.

3.    Advocacy for meaningful presence and participation of women in political, economic, social, cultural and educational fields.

4.    Advocacy to attract the international financial and humanitarian aids for Afghanistan.

5.    Holding Jirgas and Sessions in different regions and making efforts for reconciliation and ending the regional/local and personal enmities.

6.    Convening and organizing short-term specialized trainings, programs, seminars, and workshops, circumstance of creating employments, human rights’ trainings and circumstance of peace building, organizing poetry, book readings and essay writing programs, and sports tournament.

7.    Conducting seminars for circumstance of creating economic and business opportunities in Afghanistan. 

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure of Contact Group for Peace is as follow:

1.       Leadership / Executive Board

2.       Chairman of Contact Group

3.       Offices and Working Committees

4.       Consultative Jirga

5.       Provincial Secretariats

6.       Abroad Representatives

7.       Think Tank