Peace and Youths – Zabul



Peace and Youths – Zabul

A group of young people and elites of the new generation of Zabul province participated in a meeting called "Peace and Youth" on 29 of Sunbula, 1398 equal to September 20, 2019, made the following suggestions and requests:


1- Zabul province is one of the provinces that has always suffered from war and insecurity, especially during the recent years and sustained a lot of causalities. We want the elders of the province who are in irresponsible armed groups, in the IMT or in the government to make efforts for bringing peace and starting of intra-Afghan peace talks;

2- The honorable people of Zabul, especially the youth of this province are getting sacrificed every day due to war and insecurity, and war forced them to stay away from education;

3- Ensuring security is one of the most fundamental rights of our citizenship. Hence, we want the honorable people of Zabul, including men and women, especially the new generation of the country, to raise their voices and get united to call for an end to the war and start peace talks;

4- We, the people of Zabul, have sacrificed more than anyone else in this imposed war, we lost our family members and we have lost our possessions, we have migrated and displaced. We, the youth of Zabul, ask our other compatriots to raise a common voice with us in this regard;

5- The youth, as a populous segment of Afghanistan, either have no or very little role in the peace talks. We want the youth to be actively and effectively involved in peace talks because the youth are the most among the victims and no address can represent this group or have a correct understanding of their situation;

6 – Taking war and insecurity into consideration, one of the main responsibilities of our youth is to get the main picture of the current war in the village and show the towns of Afghanistan to the world. This war is not imposed on us, but we are the victims in it, the fire is from someone else, but we burn in it. Sacrifice is ours, but benefit goes to others.  No one can bring us peace unless we ourselves engage in Afghan-centric peace;

7. YCGP is the only address for young people to achieve peace and peace talks. YCGP on behalf of the Afghanistan’s youth calls for proxy wars not to be imposed on our people again, and we should no longer be the victims.

Finally, it is emphasized that such meetings should be continuing by participation of all scholars, elders, professors, youth, businessmen and we want other citizens of the country to raise their voices for peace and take responsibility for their faith and conscience. We call on the US, the government officials and the IMT to resume peace talks and put efforts that Intra-Afghan peace talks take place. We also call on influential countries in Afghanistan peace process to make efforts for resuming intra-Afghan peace talks.


Kind regards

The Press office of YCGP 

September 20, 2019 / 29 Sunbula, 1398

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