The Secretariat Meeting of YCGP



The Secretariat Meeting of YCGP

The Secretariat Meeting of YCGP was held.in Kabul by presence of a majority of active members of the group, young people and representatives of the new generation.  
The following issues were discussed and consulted:

1. Presenting reports on previous activities and reviewing meetings of YCGP in Kabul, Zabul and Uruzgan;

2. Carrying out further activities and programs in the capital and provinces of the country;

3. Ceasefire and continuation of US-IMT peace talks in which the AG should be the main party (meeting of all three parties);

4. The weakness of the government in circumstance of creating an internal consensus for the peace talks;

5. The finalization of the government negotiating team, the presence of the youth and the new generation in it and circumstance of monitoring the process of peace talks with the IMT.

Kind regards

The press office of YCGP

November 7, 2019 / 16 of Aqrab, 1398

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